Following is a sample of presentations that Wes does at conferences and special meetings. His company - Solomon Training & Development - provides customized leadership, management and team building training to help individuals and teams reach their full potential. Contact Wes for more details.

Best Practices of Great Leaders | Successfully Managing In-House Operations | Ten Keys to Justifying Resources | Keys to Developing Powerful Teams! | Tips to Develop and Build High Performance Teams! | Keys to Building Better Relationships | Keys to Maximizing Your Effectiveness!

Best Practices of Great Leaders

Organizations are crying out for effective leaders, and here is your opportunity to taking another step to become one. This presentation will identify and display the proven practices of effective leaders, so come prepared to achieve a new level of leadership excellence.
Included will be an overview of the Best Practices from top performing leaders and managers based on recent comprehensive research. Twenty best practices and the Five absolutes to get high performance and results will be shared.

Come prepared to learn and to be motivated to achieve a new level of leadership excellence!

Five Absolutes for Getting High Performance (How to Be A Great Leader):

  • Absolute 1. Get everyone on the same page: Focus on the purpose of the organization.
  • Absolute 2. Prepare for battle: Equip your operation with tools, talent and technology.
  • Absolute 3. Stoke the fire for performance: Create a climate for results.
  • Absolute 4. Build bridges on the road to results: Nurture relationships with people.
  • Absolute 5. Keep the piano in tune: Practice continuous renewal.

Successfully Managing In-House Operations

This presentation will cover proven methods to successfully developing world-class in-house operations – whether it’s printing, mailing, document management or any other function. Ten important keys to success will be covered: great management, maximizing your most important resource – people, working with business partners, measuring performance, justifying resources, marketing your services, commitment to quality, redundancy/back-up, continuous learning & improvement, and the 3 “Ps” approach to world class operations.

Proven and practical techniques from successful in-house operations will be shared. Come prepared to learn some new ideas that can help your operations be even more successful!

Keys to Developing Powerful Teams!

People in management roles have great potential to make a positive difference in the lives of their work teams and their organizations. Come and learn the latest research and practical ideas to help motivate people and build teams that are winners! You will walk way inspired and equipped to lead your people to an even higher level of success.

Workshop includes explanation of:

  • AMA’s 7 Needs that Motivate People
  • Bob Nelson’s Top 10 Motivators for Workers
  • COACH management model
  • 20 Ways to Retain Your Best Employees
  • Sirota’s research on the 3 Characteristics of High Performance Teams
  • The 12 question “Measuring Stick”
  • And more practical tools!

Keys to Building Better Relationships

President Teddy Roosevelt said “The most important ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people”. Almost all would agree that building better relationships will lead to greater success and happiness in our lives – and the lives of people around us. In this presentation we will cover Twelve important keys to help build better relationships. We will also look at important principles to connect with people, build trustworthiness, communicate effectively and develop greater credibility.

Ten Keys to Justifying Resources

One of biggest challenges we all face is getting the resources we need to enable us to be successful. Justifying and getting approval for additional people, equipment and technology is never easy. But in this presentation a leader in our industry is going to share tips that have worked for him and other operations across the country.

Come and learn Ten proven strategies for justifying resources for your operation. Applying these strategies will increase your ability to develop a world class operation and make your company more successful!

Tips to Develop and Build High Performance Teams!

This presentation will unlock the secrets to developing high performance teams. Insights based on extensive research will be shared. The three components that High Performance Teams share will be explained and illustrated.

One important topic that will be covered is how to Train and Develop the members of your team. 15 tools to train and develop your people will be shared and elaborated upon. Developing an understanding of these tools will help you customize opportunities for your people, and help you develop an even more High Performance Team.

Keys to Maximizing Your Effectiveness!

We all desire to be more effective and successful at work and in our personal lives. In this presentation we will learn tried and proven methods to be more effective as leaders, workers and individuals – and learn how to help others be more effective too! Come and learn tips to improve the communication, relationships and performance of you and your team. We’ll be pulling wisdom from the bestselling business book of all-time (Dr. Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”) and from other leading edge research and writings including Undercover CEO star Joel Manby’s new classic “Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders”.