Wes Friesen (MBA, CCE, CBF, CBA, CM, CMDSM, EMCM, MCOM, MDC, CMA, CFM, CTP, CBA, APP, PHR, ICP) worked 37 years at Portland General Electric, a utility with over 850,000 customers. In his last role Wes was the Manager of Billing, Credit & Payments and managed six departments and a budget of over $25 million. His teams were responsible for the timely, accurate and thorough billing, payment processing and credit collection of PGE’s $1.8 billion annual retail revenue. Wes currently is a University Instructor, speaker, writer and founder of Solomon Training & Development - which provides leadership, management and team building training to help individuals and teams achieve their full potential.

Wes and his PGE teams have been featured in numerous trade journals. Wes received the prestigious 2010 Franklin Award from MAILCOM & MSMA, 2001 "Technical Excellence Award" from MAILCOM & MSMA, and multiple awards from the Greater Portland Postal Customer Council (GPPCC) – including the inaugural “Manager of the Year” in 2008. In 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2012 PGE received the Gold/Silver Top Management Awards from the National Association of Printing Leadership, the highest level in-plant operation in the country. PGE has received numerous "Mailer of the Year" awards by the GPPCC, and in 2002 received the "Management Award" from the IPMA. Wes also received multiple "Top Speaker" awards from the National Postal Forum and other conferences.

Wes earned a B.S. in Business Administration from George Fox University, and an MBA from the University of Portland. For the past 33 years Wes has been an award winning University Instructor. He has become a regular speaker at regional PCC and MSMA conferences, and national conferences like National Postal Forum, MAILCOM, Credit Congress, NACUMS, and others. Wes has had numerous articles published by business trade journals and writes a Management column for Mailing Systems & Technology. Wes serves on multiple non-profit boards.